Dr. Patrick B’s Story

I have a patient who had an abnormal ultrasound suggestive of liver cancer. A prior authorization for an obviously necessary’s MRI to clarify. His scheduling and approval took over four weeks

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Dr. Gina’s Story

I have seen patients not able to get their Depo-Provera shots in time due to need for prior authorization.

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Kathy’s Story

I recently spent over 10 hours trying to get a patient’s surgery authorized.

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Cheryl’s Story

[Prior authorization] is an unnerving, time-consuming process to be endured for the sake of keeping my diabetes in control and not becoming an even greater burden to the insurance companies as a result of secondary complications that result when the disease is not controlled. This does not make sense.

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Jason’s Story

My insurance company is demanding that I work for it one week per year (i.e., 40 hours) to fight for the medications that my doctor and I know are in my best interest.

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Kathy’s Story

If my doctor had not given me samples, (it took over two weeks for the authorization to go through) I would have possibly been dead.

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